Brit Blokes Too Stressed To Get Erections – And It’s Ruining Their Sex Lives, Doctor Warns


BRITISH blokes are so stressed they can’t get an erection, experts have warned.

Staying in the office late and feeling overworked as well as drinking too much are getting in the way of their sex lives.

Getty – Contributor Many British blokes – especially those in their 30s – are so stressed they can’t maintain an erection, experts have warned

And it’s leading more men to resort to the help of the little blue pill, Viagra, to keep their performance on track in the bedroom.

Today, Co-op Pharmacy is launching a new campaign aimed at breaking down the taboos around erectile dysfunction.

Dr Hilary Jones, who’s backing the #Whatdoyoucallit campaign, said: “Erectile dysfunction is a taboo in our society that needs to be broken.

“In an age when many people are happy to share intimate details of their lives on social media, it is a huge cause for concern that men today do not feel confident enough to discuss openly their struggles with impotence.

Getty – Contributor Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem, where men can’t get or maintain erections

“Anything the #Whatdoyoucallit campaign can do to smash the stigma around erectile dysfunction has got to be a step in the right direction.”

Impotence is a very common sexual problem, typically affecting men over the age of 40.

But a survey by Co-op Pharmacy found half of blokes in their 30s are struggling in the bedroom.

And many said they would rather split up with their partner than discuss the problem.

Alamy Staying late at work, feeling overworked and boozing too much are interfering with the nation’s sex lives

The results showed almost half (43 per cent) of men aged 18 to 60 have experienced erectile dysfunction, with four in ten blaming stress, 36 per cent blaming tiredness, anxiety (29 per cent) and boozing too much (26 per cent).

Of blokes in their 30s, one in three have felt the strain on their relationship, while a third have split up with a partner.

One in four have lost confidence when dating, and 21 per cent have suffered mental health issues.

NEED TO KNOW What is erectile dysfunction, what causes it and how can you treat impotency?

The poll of 2,000 men, found 31 per cent of men affected in their 30s have used Viagra – compared to 17 per cent of those blokes in their 40s.

The #Whatdoyoucallit campaign aims to highlight the fact whatever word men use to refer to their penis, they should be open in talking about it.

Blokes responding to the survey said they felt uncomfortable discussing impotency with a friend, and even with their GP.

Getty – Contributor Many men said they would rather spilt up with their partner than discuss their problems

Adrian Wilkinson, of Co-op Pharmacy, said: “The results of the survey clearly show that erectile dysfunction is something that’s having a huge impact on almost half of the male population in the UK.

“It’s with this in mind that we want to de-stigmatise any negative misconceptions and start talking about impotence and normalising it, to help men feel good, know they’re not alone and know they’re not being judged.

“We don’t want men to resort to splitting up with their partners, especially now Viagra Connect is available over the counter in pharmacies and online too, so men can access this product themselves, easily, conveniently and, if they’re concerned, discreetly.”

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