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Baby girl’s death is ‘unexplained’

A post-mortem examination is to be carried out following the death of an 18-month-old in Coatbridge.



The death of an 18-month-old girl at a house in North Lanarkshire is being treated at “unexplained”.

Police said officers were called to the property at Greenwood Crescent in Coatbridge at about 17:15 on Wednesday.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police received a report that an 18-month-old baby had died within a house in Greenwood Crescent, Coatbridge.

“Officers attended and a post-mortem examination will be carried out in due course to establish the cause of death.

“However it is being treated as unexplained meantime.”


Corbyn Forgets To Ask A Question – But Luckily For Him, The Pm’s All Out Of Zingers Just Like Kfc




JEREMY CORBYN does not like answering questions – as we have learnt this week over the rumbling row over why he met with a Czech spy in the 1980s.

But once again it seems he does not like asking them either.

PA:Press Association Jeremy Corbyn pretending to yawn during PMQs

For the second time this year the Leader of the Opposition, who gets a box office chance once a week to ask the Prime Minister questions, forgot to ask a question.

The clue is in the title of the session.

Yet luckily for the red leader, the PM was willing to give him a pass.

More than a week after The Sun revealed Mr Corbyn had met a Soviet-backed agent at the height of the Cold War, today could have a deeply bruising outing for the Labour leader.

PA:Press Association Theresa May tried out a joke during the Commons session

But Mrs May waited right until the last possible moment in their weekly bout to mention the subject.

“Normally the right honourable gentleman comes to this house and asks me to sign blank cheques, now I know he likes Czechs but really?”

The Tory benches loved it, but really?

KFC may be shut this week, but it seemed the PM was all out of zingers too.

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Mum, 55, Who Saw Gp 20 Times Is Diagnosed With Lung Cancer That ‘ate Away At Her Ribs’ – But Only After Threatening To Complain




A MUM-of-two was diagnosed with lung cancer after threatening to complain about GPs who had seen her 20 times.

Catherine Cook, of Suffolk, was told her cancer was stage three, and had eaten away at her ribs, “like a caterpillar”.

PA Real Life Catherine, pictured with her husband Ian, visited a GP 20 times before having tests that revealed her cancer

She first realised something was wrong in February 2012, when she noticed tight pains in her chest and shoulder, which got worse over a six-month period.

By the June of that year, when she started dating Ian Land, now 44, she was in agony and “basically addicted to painkillers”.

“I’d been back and forth to the doctors numerous times, but had not been referred to hospital,” she said.

“By August 2012 I was desperate to be referred.

PA Real Life Catherine said the cancer had eaten her ribs ‘like a caterpillar’

PA Real Life Catherine had three ribs and half her right lung removed to cut out a plum-sized tumour

“I remember going into the GP surgery and yelling, ‘If you don’t refer me I’ll call the CPS (Crime Prosecution Service)’.”

She was sent to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where a scan revealed a 4cm by 5cm tumour on her right lung.

“When the scan came back, it looked like my ribs had been eaten away,” Catherine said.

“It looked like they’d been chewed on by a caterpillar.”

PA Real Life Catherine was only sent for further tests after she threatened to complain about the GPs she saw

Catherine, pictured with her grandchildren, is now in remission

Weeks later, doctors told Catherine she a grade three, rare form of non-small cell lung cancer.

“When I found out I was devastated,” she said. “I just sat and cried.”

ARE YOU AT RISK? The 8 ‘red flag’ signs of lung cancer you should NEVER ignore – All you need to know

Catherine lost her hair after radiotherapy and chemo.

But doctors in Norwich dealt a devastating blow, when they warned the 55-year-old wasn’t suitable for surgery, adding her tumour was too close to her spine.

“Hearing that was devastating,” she recalled.

“I knew I needed the tumour to be cut out, to give me a chance of surviving.”

PA Real Life Catherine had a grade three, rare form of non-small cell lung cancer

PA Real Life Catherine lost all of her hair due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy

Weeks later, and refusing to give up, Catherine sought a second opinion.

Her daughter’s husband, a doctor, arranged for the 55-year-old to see renowned surgeon, Tom Routledge from London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, at his private clinic in London Bridge.

He gave Catherine a ray of hope, agreeing to operate on the rare Pancoast tumour, that can spread to the ribs.

In February 2013, Mr Routledge performed the operation, removing three of her ribs and half her right lung to cut out the plum-sized tumour.

PA Real Life Catherine used to smoke five cigarettes a day but quit as soon as she was diagnosed

PA Real Life Catherine is now back to being healthy and able to look after her grandchildren and rescue dogs

“I was devastated when I was first told surgery wouldn’t be possible and never thought I’d be here today,” said Catherine.

“Amazingly and against all the odds, here I am.

“I went from being told in December 2012 that the cancer was effectively terminal, to having the tumour removed.”

Three weeks after the complex op, Catherine was allowed home.

Scans soon showed she was free of the disease, and now, five years later she has been told she’s in remission.

PA Real Life Catherine was originally told there was nothing doctors could do when she was diagnosed five years ago

“It was just incredible. I still can’t quite believe everything that happened to me,” she said.

“I’m back at work and busy helping to look after my wonderful grandchildren and my rescue dogs Dudley, Tilly and Vince. My life is busy and full and I relish it all.”

Mr Routledge, consultant thoracic surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’ said: “I remember Catherine very well, as her surgery was quite complex.

“She came through a difficult treatment with bravery and fortitude and it has been a pleasure for me and my team to care for her.”

Convinced her tumour was caused by her smoking since the age of ten, Catherine now fiercely opposes the habit.

“I used to pinch my mum’s cigarettes,” she recalled.

“For 40 years, I smoked five-a-day, but as soon as I was diagnosed, I stopped.

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Who Is Micky Fallon? Barry Bennell Victim Who Was Abused By The Convicted Paedophile Aged 13




MICKY Fallon bravely faced his abuser in court as justice was done and he was banged up for more that three decades.

Barry Bennell was caged this week after abusing aspiring young footballers for years, here’s what we know about the courageous man who helped put him away.

AFP or licensors Micky Fallon, left, has bravely spoken out about the abuse he suffered at he hands of Barry Bennell

Who is Micky Fallon?

Mickey Fallon waived his right to anonymity to speak out about the abuses he suffered at the hands of Bennell.

Victims of sexual abuse are entitled to life-long anonymity under UK law but can give it up if they choose.

Brave Micky decided he wanted people to really know what he went through when the sex beast attacked him.

He was just 13 when he was first subjected to an assault on Christmas Eve 1984.

AFP or licensors Micky struggled with drinking when he was younger and trying to cope with what had happened to him but he has now conquered his demons

He went on to abuse him further and also bullied the young him during his time at Crewe Alexandra.

Micky struggled to cop with memories of the abuse throughout his 20s and turned to alcohol and even tried to take his own life.

But now at 46-years-old he has overcome his demons, has three kids and works as a football coach.

What has Mickey said about the abuse?

Mickey said: “Throughout the whole trial he showed no remorse, he laughed when I gave evidence, and he laughed when the verdict was read out.

“Funnily enough that has really helped me. I’ve carried that guilt for a long time, and I needn’t have carried it at all.

“My only wish is I was brave enough to do it when I was 13.

PA:Press Association Bennell, who coached youths playing in teams across Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire, was found guilty of 43 of indecent and serious sexual assault offences against boys.

He added:“Every time I speak about it now and release that secret, it lifts part of that burden.

“If you remain silent, like most men do in sport, and I totally understand why they do, these perpetrators effectively get away with what they’ve done.

“My personal advice to other victims would be to confront it, to have the courage and the bravery to question yourself and tackle the issue.”

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