Asda is selling a £30 parka just like the £467 one Liam Gallagher wore at the One Love Manchester concert


ASDA is selling a jacket just like the one Liam Gallagher wore at a charity gig this summer – but it’s hundreds of pounds LESS.

The former Oasis frontman appeared on stage at the One Love Manchester benefit gig in a bright orange parka, prompting a huge spike in searches for similar coats.

Liam Gallagher is also keen for an Oasis reunion with his brother

Rex Features 2 Liam Gallagher wore a bright orange parka for the Manchester One Love gig during the summer

The actual coat he wore on stage was a £467 Sassafras parka, which he picked up from Manchester-based streetwear store Oi Polloi.

It was reported at the time that the coat sold out almost immediately,  and even now it’s impossible to get hold of.

Thankfully for fashion fans still eager to recreate the 45-year-old’s look, Asda are selling a very similar one for £30.

They describe their version as: “Invest in a stylish classic with this versatile shower resistant parka. The secure fastening front and lightly padded design all work to ensure you stay comfortable and warm, then the drawstring waist brings it all together in a feminine silhouette.”


Asda'a orange parka is justlike Liam's but a fraction of the price

ASDA 2 Asda’a orange parka is justlike Liam’s but a fraction of the price

The coat, which is available to buy online, is available in all sizes between 8 and 22.

One happy customer described it as being “great for the school run”.

With four kids of his own, perhaps that was Liam’s reason for buying his, too.

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