Arsene Wenger Aims Parting Jibe At Tottenham – Claiming They’ll Be Forced To Sell Harry Kane


ARSENE WENGER has told Spurs they may have to sell Harry Kane to pay for their new stadium.

The outgoing Arsenal boss signed off with a cheeky dig at his North London rivals over their star striker.

EPA Harry Kane is one of Tottenham’s most valuable assets

He believes the spiralling costs of the new White Hart Lane will have a huge impact on Mauricio Pochettino’s transfer dealings.

The Frenchman, 68, said:  “In the last ten years prices for a new stadium have doubled and transfer fees for players have tripled, or even quadrupled.

“When we built our stadium a £10million player was huge. Today a guy like Kane, Tottenham can sell him for £100m, maybe more?

“So they might have to sell players to get more financial supply. That’s an issue they have to face.”

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