Archbishop of Canterbury urges warring politicians to agree a First World War-style 'Christmas truce' over Brexit | The News Amed
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Archbishop of Canterbury urges warring politicians to agree a First World War-style ‘Christmas truce’ over Brexit

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury has urged warring politicians to agree a First World War-style “Christmas truce” over Brexit. Reverend Justin Welby said Remainers and Brexiteers had to agree a “ceasef…



THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury has urged warring politicians to agree a First World War-style “Christmas truce” over Brexit.

Reverend Justin Welby said Remainers and Brexiteers had to agree a “ceasefire” for the sake of the country.

 The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged warring politicians to agree a First World War-style 'Christmas truce' over BrexitAFP The Archbishop of Canterbury has urged warring politicians to agree a First World War-style ‘Christmas truce’ over Brexit

It came as he said there was every possibility the UK could make a “success” out of leaving the EU.

He was speaking as the Tory party descended into a vitriolic civil war over the rebellion on Wednesday night – with calls for the Conservative rebels to be booted out of the party.

British and German soldiers famously emerged from the trenches in 1914 to meet in No Man’s Land to exchange gifts and play football.

Speaking to the BBC, the Archbishop said: “If we go back 103 years, we find Christmas 1914 there was a ceasefire.

 Justin Welby said Reminers and Brexiteers had to agree a 'ceasefire' for the sake of the countryBBC Justin Welby said Reminers and Brexiteers had to agree a ‘ceasefire’ for the sake of the country

“It would be very good to have a ceasefire from insult and the use of pejorative terms about people at this time.”

He added: “As a country we have a future ahead of us we have made a decision about Brexit that is clear, both sides are saying that how we do it is a question for robust political argument

“But there is a difference between disagreeing and personal attacks and those have to be avoided


Army Chiefs Slammed Over Recruitment Crisis As Record 100,000 Apply — But Numbers Shrink As Red Tape ‘bogs Them Down’




THE Army is being crippled by a manpower shortage — despite a record number of would-be recruits attempting to join.

More than 100,000 tried to sign up last year but only 7,500 became soldiers — with thousands dropping out in frustration after getting bogged down in months of red-tape delays.

Dan Charity – The Sun Army should have more than 82,000 troops but faces recruitment crisis

Army recruitment crisis is failing as wannabe squaddies get bogged down by red-tape delays

Sources say the blockage comes from a “disastrous” decision to outsource recruiting to private firm Capita, and leaves the Army more than 4,000 short of the 82,000 troops it is meant to have.

One said: “The numbers are staggering.”

SAS veteran Andy McNab said the Army’s failure to sign up enough new soldiers despite record numbers of wannabe recruits was “absolute madness”.

Thousands of those who dropped out did so in frustration at red tape and delays — with it taking an average of 300 days from first contacting the Army to finally becoming a soldier.

Alamy It currently takes 300 days to join up to the Army after Capita were handed £1.3bn recruitment contract

Getty Images – Getty The Army currently has 78,000 troops, which is smallest size since 1815 New inclusive recruitment advert for British Army sees Muslim soldier praying on battlefield

Sun Security Adviser Andy said the overly bureaucratic system introduced after recruitment was outsourced to private firm Capita is to blame. He added: “How you can go from over 100,000 trying to join to less than 8,000 signing up defies belief.

“It’s because the Army and Capita have turned recruitment into a faceless, bureaucratic nightmare.”

Getty Images – Getty Famous recruitment posters for the Army

Getty Images – Getty Lord Kitchener pictured on Army recruitment poster from 1914

It has left the Army, already pared to the bone by defence cuts, with a manpower crisis.

It needs to recruit 10,000 a year to balance those leaving.

Andy said: “The Army is in a crisis — and it’s not because no one wants in.”

Business experts Capita were hired in 2012 to run recruitment for the Ministry of Defence in a £1.3billion deal.

It set about “modernising” the system — with online recruitment and call centres replacing the tradition of having serving officers in high street recruitment offices.

Getty Images – Getty Army needs to recruit 10,000 a year to balance those leaving

Getty Images – Getty Long delays end up putting off would-be recruits forced to wait 300 days to join

Getty Images – Getty Recruitment system changes have so far backfired despite huge advertising campaign

The latest recruitment advertising campaign, designed to attract more women and ethnic minority candidates, was also criticised for being “too politically correct.”

But the Army’s ads have been an undoubted success. In the 12 months to the end of March 2016, 58,000 tried to join up. Up to March 2017 it was at 100,560.

But while the adverts have worked, the recruitment system changes have backfired.

Insiders say the average 300-day wait between first approaching the Army and finally becoming a soldier is far too long.

Some of that is down to medical and security checks. But, they say, there is also excessive red tape — and the long delays end up putting off would-be recruits.

PA:Press Association Former Army chief General Lord Richard Dannatt said the recruitment changes had been an abject failure

Getty Images – Getty Army insiders say an overhaul of recruitment is looming amid current crisis New inclusive adverts for new recruits for The British Army ask ‘Can I be gay in the Army?’

Former Army chief General Lord Richard Dannatt said the recruitment changes had been an abject failure.

He said: “I’ve heard of a number of people who have been trying to join the Armed Forces and got fed up at the length of time it takes. The system is too complicated, the Army knows the previous system was better and would like to go back to it.

“The reason why it’s not being done is because it’s too expensive.

“The Army at 82,000 has never been smaller since modern records have been kept.

“At 78,000 we’ve hugely undershot the current level — which itself is too small. Ten years ago it was 102,000.”

Slash wait to three months

IRAQ veteran Major General Tim Cross said the Army must set a three-month limit on getting recruits in the ranks.

He added: “The MoD and Capita both recognise this system has not been working. It’s taken them a long time to really acknowledge that and stop pretending it would be OK. Face-to-face dialogue with young soldiers and potential young recruits is crucial.

“To have a target of around three or four months seems pretty sensible.

“Certainly it needs to be a lot less than the 300 days it currently is. You can’t afford to let these people slip through your fingers.”

MP Johhny Mercer, an ex-Army officer, said: “The offer the military gives is as appealing now as it has ever been and that is borne out by the figures. But something is going wrong between the offer the Army gives and people doing their first day’s service.

“The Army shouldn’t be under­manned when you see the numbers trying to join. It also seems to be a colossal waste of money.”

Army insiders said an overhaul of recruitment is now looming. The call centre and online applications system will remain but a new initiative to put soldiers back in recruiting offices is pending.

A source said: “The ad campaigns have been more successful than anyone could have hoped.

“But we’re not getting the end product, we’re not getting soldiers in the ranks. You can blame Capita but this is still a partnership with the Army.

“The key thing is people are aware and are doing something to remedy this. It will get fixed.”

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Bodies Of Newborn Babies Found Insuitcase By The Side Of A Road




A QUIET town has been rocked after a walker found a pair of dead twin babies stuffed in a suitcase and hurled into a ditch.

The anguished passerby called paramedics after the two newborns were found by the side of a road in Wynne, Arkansas.

The tots were found in a ditch in Wynne, Arkansas

Autopsies will take place later this week to establish whether the tots died before they were abandoned.

Lonnie Harris, who has lived in Wynne for 40 years, said: “Everybody knows everybody.
“I was shocked to find out because it’s so close to where I live.”

Neighbour Patricia Warren added: “It really saddened me. It’s sad in a little, small town.”You just don’t hear about things like this but now, all of a sudden, it’s right here at your back door.”

Resident Lonnie Harris said: “Everybody knows everybody. I was shocked to find out because it’s so close to where I live”

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Thanks To Revelations Of His Relationship With A Czech Spymaster, Young Voters May Be Ready To Think Twice About Jeremy Corbyn




JAN SARKOCY, exposed by The Sun last week as a Czech spymaster, describes Jeremy Corbyn with laser-like accuracy as “honest but stupid”.

In the face of all the facts, Corbyn has a long and blinkered history as an apologist for Britain’s bloodiest enemies.

Brighty – The Sun Mr Corbyn was vetted by Czech agents in 1986

“Agent COB” has nothing in common with Harry Enfield’s Tim Nice-But-Dim but, for Sarkocy, he was a good spot.

His protege rose by accident to become Leader of HM Opposition and last year came within shooting distance of No 10.

True, this spy caper was “a long time ago”. Millennial ­voters who almost swept him to power last June are blank sheets of paper and will surely be bored by the youthful indiscretions of OAPs like Jezza and “Red Ken” Livingstone.

But this is not ancient ­history. Neither man has budged an inch from his hard-line hatred of capitalism, ­Western values and Britain’s history as a world power.

Getty Images – Getty A spokesman for the Labour leader said he met a diplomat, but never knowingly talked to a spy

Mr Sarkocy’s job as a Czech agent was to scout for “sleepers” who could be activated once they achieved high office. He was a shrewd operator.

Back then, few would have put money on an obscure backbench rebel like Jezza.

Soviet Czechoslovakia no longer exists today. But Corbyn is now Labour leader and ­fellow Marxist John McDonnell is Shadow Chancellor. Livingstone may have fallen off the radar but he was twice Mayor of London, one of the world’s greatest cities.

Despite their protests of ­outraged innocence, none of them could have been unaware of Sarkocy’s true role.

Alamy Live News The Soviet-backed spies had a simple code-word for their new-found comrade Jeremy Corbyn: COB

In the 1980s, every so-called “diplomat” working for Russia, China or their satellites was an active spy.

As The Sun’s industrial correspondent in 1980, I encountered the agent, who acted openly as liaison officer for the Soviet bloc.

Sympathetic hacks were frequent guests at vodka-swigging parties at the Czech or Bulgarian embassies.

KGB spies were everywhere. The mightiest trade union baron of them all, Labour hero Jack Jones, was a paid Kremlin informer. Labour leader Michael Foot accepted Russian roubles.

Rex Features Jeremy was allegedly put on a list of Czechoslovakian state security team’s agents and sources

“COB” would have been really stupid to believe Sarkocy was a mere civil servant.

Nor were he and Diane Abbott innocent young lovers when they rode a motorbike around East Germany in the 1970s — out of bounds to all but the most ardent Communist fellow travellers.
We eagerly await Stasi records of their trysts.

Memories were still fresh of the 1968 Prague Spring when Russian tanks crushed Czech protestors under their tracks.

The world knew tens of millions of civilians had been tortured, jailed and slaughtered in the name of communism. It didn’t put Jezza off.

Rex Features The Labour leader has dismissed as a smear any claims he was an informant

The leftie firebrand might have been what the Kremlin described as a “useful idiot”, but he was no teenager.

In the years since, he has learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Capitalism is a sin. Property is theft. America is the mother of all evils. Britain is the Devil’s spawn. Any enemy of Britain was by definition the Loony Left’s friend.

Corbyn was in lock-step with Gerry Adams, mouthpiece of IRA killers who slaughtered innocent British civilians — and still is.

Getty Images – Getty The self-proclaimed socialist was allegedly sought out because they believed he was well informed about ‘persons who are in contact with the anti-communist agencies’

Today, he also embraces terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah and Hamas, speaks up for the murderous mullahs of Iran and frequently appeared on Russia’s “fake news” channel, RT.

Under his leadership, Labour is now the Marxist Momentum Party.

Do we really think young voters care nothing about this and are blithely ready to sweep Corbyn into power?

Voters, young or old, are not stupid. We can’t take opinion polls too seriously but, astonishingly after last year’s election surge, Labour is now trailing the divided and squabbling Tories.

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