Antony Costa Shows Off 16lb Weight Loss On Lorraine After ‘fat’ Photo Made Him Want To Get Healthy Again


ANTONY Costa has showed off his 16lb weight loss after a ‘fat’ photo pushed him to get healthy.

The Blue singer was horrified to see a picture of him looking bloated in a cream jacket last year.

ITV Antony Costa revealed his 16lb weight loss on today’s Lorraine

Antony, 36, decided to make significant changes to his diet and fitness regime, and revealed the results on today’s Lorraine.

Antony said: “I feel on top of the world Lorraine, I feel a different person, just half of me.”

When Lorraine said he looked younger now he’d lost the weight, as they viewed his before and after pictures, Antony replied: “It was just my posture and the way I was standing so I was just not happy with myself.

“My posture has got better, I feel great and I’m ready to take on the world.”

ITV Antony was horrified to see this picture of himself last year

ITV The Blue singer decided to do something about it and transformed his diet and exercise regime

Lee Thompson – The Sun Antony used to feel self-conscious about his size alongside his Blue band mates

Antony has documented his weight loss on new show Get a Holiday Body, and said he liked exercising outdoors as he suffered from a bit of gym phobia.

He explained: “I used to get intimidated in the gym because of how I felt.

“Doing stuff outside, anyone can do it, go for a walk, go for a little run.

“It’s all about prepping your meals too.”

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