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All New Loose Women Launches With ‘fifth’ Member Of The Panel, New Set And ‘circle Of Trust’ Audience



LOOSE Women has had a dramatic makeover having moved to a new ‘interactive’ set – which even includes a ‘FIFTH’ panellist.

Ruth Langsford introduced the show’s new White City home to viewers on Monday, joking that someone had undergone a “face lift” during the weekend.

ITV Ruth Langsford introduced the all new look Loose Women on Monday

The new studio now features an upper audience and a lower one, which is dubbed the ‘circle of trust’

After confessing that she was talking about the studio, Ruth showed those at home that the audience now sits in two tiers.

Ruth then unveiled the newest member to the team – Loose Lipped Lucy.

Dubbed as a ‘fifth panellist’, the electronic red and white ticker will run throughout the show above the audience.

Ruth said: “There’s lots of changes and lots of exciting features you will see, including this – it’s Loose Lipped Lucy.

ITV Ruth also introduced viewers to the show’s ‘fifth panellist’, an electronic ticker that scrolls above the audience

ITV Insiders have said the ticker can even display emojis

“Now, Lucy is going to be telling you all the exciting stuff coming up and sharing a few secrets along the way that we don’t even know about.

“Apparently I’m told she’s funnier than Coleen [Nolan] and more sarcastic than Janet [Street Porter], which is very difficult as you know.”

Monday’s panellists – Coleen, Jane Moore and Stacey Solomon – then made their entrance.

But rather than all walking onto the set together, as in previous shows, each star was introduced individually.

ITV The Loose Women now enter the stage one by one, rather than altogether

ITV Each panellist will have their own signature wave

ITV Jane Moore struggled with the new higher step

Jane, unfortunately, was first to experience teething problems with the set and took a slight tumble as she made her way to her new comfy chair.

She then laughed: “I just fell over. The step is higher!”

Ruth also admitted: “If you’re hearing clunking, things are still being built behind us!”

A source has since told The Sun Online that the revamped set will bring a whole new dimension to the show.

Rex Features The ‘circle of trust’ is said to help with ‘intimacy’ among the panellists

Guest and eighties pop star Boy George sat among the ‘circle of trust’ rather than backstage as he waited for his interview

Commenting on the lower tier of audience members, which now also seats the show’s celebrity guests – rather than them sitting backstage – the insider said: “There’s a ‘circle of trust’ style inner audience, who are closer to the women.

“It will help with the intimacy.

“The women will all make a different entrance too, and each will have their own little wave or signature move as they come on.

Rex Features One eagle-eyed viewer spotted that the perspex desk gave a flash of Jane and Stacey’s bare legs

“The stools they sit on are also new and have been specifically commissioned for the show.”

And referring to Loose Lipped Lucy, the insider added: “There is a new ticker which can react to the goings on among the panel – it’s sort of a fifth Loose Woman.

“Emojis can even run across it. It’s all pretty cool!”

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Cher Lloyd Baby Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump As She Records In The Studio At Eight Months Pregnant



CHER Llloyd has shared a snap of her growing bump as she puts the finishing touches to her album before she gives birth next month.

Earlier this year, Cher announced she and her her husband Craig Monk are expecting their first child in May.

Instagram Cher Lloyd shared a snap of her growing baby bump as she records her new album

When she announced her pregnancy, Cher also told fans that she’s been working on new music as well.

She said: “I decided to take some time away from the public eye to focus on what really matters and get back to what I truly love doing.

“As you all know, making music and singing is where it all began for me, it’s what makes me truly happy, and I wanted to get back to that happy place once again, enter the studio and focus on simply making great music for you all.

“I’m so happy to announce that I now have a collection of amazing new songs (that I cannot wait to share with you all!)”

Instagram The former X Factor star is due to give birth next month

ITV Cher with husband Craig Monk

Speaking on Lorraine recently, Cher praised her other half, despite The Sun Online revealed Craig’s six-year-old daughter was left “crying all the time” when he suddenly cut her out of his life a year ago.

She said: “We come from such different backgrounds, he’s lovely.

“I’m so lucky, we’re definitely a solid team, we deal with anything that’s thrown at us. We’re so excited to be starting this new journey.

“This year we’ll be five years married….as soon as I met him I just knew he was the one straight away.”

Cher Lloyd gushes about husband Craig Monk ahead of the birth of her first child

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Heidi Klum Splashes Out £3.5million On Lavish New York City Penthouse Apartment



HEIDI Klum has splashed out a whopping £3.5 MILLION on a luxurious penthouse apartment in New York City.

The model and TV judge is expanding her property portfolio which already boasts a £7.1 million mansion in California.

Hasten NYC/Compass Heidi Klum has shelled out a huge £3.5 MILLION for this rooftop apartment in New York

Splash News Heidi Klum will split her time between New York and Los Angeles

The 44-year-old’s latest investment offers unbeatable views of the surrounding Manhattan skyline.

Sitting atop a six-floor building, the property comes furnished with a subtle yet suave style.

Featuring polished hardwood floors and large windows, the New York apartment has no lack of natural light flowing through.

With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the loft-space apartment will be the perfect base for Heidi and her four children.

Hasten NYC/Compass The luxury pad boasts incredible views of Manhattan’s skyline

Hasten NYC/Compass The property comes with stylish yet subtle decor

Heidi is thought to have purchased the property back in February, despite her hectic schedule with filming commitments for America’s Got Talent.

The German-born model earned an incredible £15 MILLION in 2017, due to lucrative TV contracts and product endorsements.

This year will see Heidi return to the America’s Got Talent judging panel for the sixth consecutive year. She will be joined by Mel B and Simon Cowell.

Hasten NYC/Compass There is no end of versatile space in the swanky home

Hasten NYC/Compass Heidi will be able to input her own sense of style on the New York pad

The 44-year-old model recently made headlines when she posed topless for her debut Maxim cover shoot.

In her interview with the publication, Klum admits she worries about getting older – just like everyone else.

She said: “My nose would grow like Pinocchio’s if I said that I didn’t feel some pressure about ageing, as I am constantly asked about it.

“I’m in the public eye, and there’s more scrutiny because of that. I can look at photos of when I was 24, and of course I am going to look different now at 44 and having had four children – but, again, it’s about being comfortable with yourself and what you see in the mirror.

“I’m not trying to hold on to the past or searching for a fountain of youth. We are all going to age, so I’m trying to embrace that, but not without a bit of a fight.”

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Where Is The Handmaid’s Tale Filmed? Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton And Cambridge Filming Locations For Series Two Revealed



The Handmaid’s Tale will soon be returning to Channel 4 for a second season.

But where was it filmed? Here’s what we know.

AP:Associated Press The Handmaid’s Tale was filmed in Canada

Where is The Handmaid’s Tale set?

The Handmaid’s Tale is returning to Channel 4 in May.

It’s based on the 1985 novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood and is set in a dystopian society called Gilead, which used to be part of the United States.

The events in the series take place in what used to be Boston, Massachusetts.

In both the show and the book, the US Government was overthrown by religious Christian fundamentalists years after widespread infertility sweeps across the globe.

Most of the series is set in and around the home of Fred and Serena Joy Waterford, played by Joseph Fiennes and Yvonne Strahovski.

In the book, the setting is described as like a ‘museum’.

2016 Hulu The book describes the setting as ‘like a museum’

Where is The Handmaid’s Tale filmed?

The Handmaid’s Tale is mainly filmed in Toronto, Canada.

Toronto City Hall is used in filming.

Streets in Hamilton, Ontario, are also used.

The wall by the water, where the Handmaids pass hanged bodies, is a real wall located in Cambridge in Ontario.

The Waterford house is filmed in Hamilton and is known in real life as the Grand Durand on Aberdeen Avenue.

Coronation Park in Oakville was used to film scenes where the Handmaids are gathered outdoors for different ceremonies.

Getty Images – Getty Toronto City Hall is used for filming

Jeff Hitchcock Coronation Park in Oakville was used for outdoor shots

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